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If you have a friend or relative from out of town that wants to come visit you here in the bustling techopolis of Seattle, here is a great little rental place you should let them know about.  Nestled in the self-proclaimed Center of the Universe (the Fremont Neighborhood)they’ll be close to great coffee, food, sightseeing and shopping, and you’ll retain your sanity and your living room couch!

Tiny Guesthouse in Fremont

Check out the videoowner/builder Hal has made of his Tiny Guesthouse, aka the “Clubhouse”.  You can rent it by the night via the AirBNB site.

And if you fall in love with this tiny house, we here at Studio DEC can build you one of your very own!

Check out our first backyard Cottage, a custom design for our friends Sean and Lisa in their Ballard backyard.  It was featured recently in the Seattle Times Real Estate section in an article about these backyard cottages or DADUs (detached accessory dwelling units). If you have an existing garage, there is the potential to turn that into a livable Cottage space and save some money from having to start from scratch.

Design rendering of the McTrax Cottage

The McTrax Cottage in December of 2010

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