Remodeling Expo 2011 Comes to Town

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If you are planning a remodeling project or a new home this summer, we foresee a trip to the Washington State Convention Center for you this weekend.

Friday through Sunday, the Seattle Remodeling Expo 2011 will be filling the floor of the convention center with booths of products and services related to building and remodeling.  Professionals will be on hand to answer questions.

We’d recommend braving the crowds and spending the time to compare products such as windows, doors, and siding options.  (For windows, we recommend any of Marvin’s clad, wood, and fiberglass styles.)

Also, an exciting new product in the home heating world is the hybrid electric water heater, an electric water heater with a heat pump on top. The heat pump transfers heat from the air to help heat your water, lowering electric bill.  Energy Star ranks these heaters as consuming only 1885 kWh/year — the average consumption for other heat pump water heaters — but with the benefit of acting as an air conditioner in warm climates and a dehumidifier in colder ones.

There are currently tax credits in a half dozen states to help trim down a heater’s cost.  Other states, Oregon among them, are offering other encouraging incentives.  This Consumer Reports article has the details.

Thursday’s “Northwest Weekend” section in The Seattle Times contained a coupon for $1 off the Expo’s admission.  These directions to the Remodeling Expo at the WSCC include parking (PDF format).  For those unable to make the Seattle Remodeling Expo this January 14-16, the 2011 Tacoma Remodeling Expo returns to the region March 11-13.

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