How much electricity is your fridge wasting? Find out with an electricity monitor from City light and SPL

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When my clients undertake a remodel or addition to their house, one big plus is the upgrade in energy efficiency to their home via better wall and roof insulation, double glazed windows and doors, and higher efficiency lighting and heating appliances. There are also more basic green building strategies I employ such as passive solar design and natural ventilation (to save on air conditioning costs). But until you are ready for that remodel, an easy way to save on energy costs is to replace your appliances with energy saving models (carrying the Energy Star label or better). Just how much is that old beer fridge in your basement costing you? Now, if you have a Seattle Library card you can find out. Check out one of the nifty Kill-A-Watt brand energy monitors and plug it in between your appliance (note, it doesn’t work with 220v appliances like a dryer) and the wall. It tells you in real time the watts your appliance is using. With your City Light electric bill, you can quickly turn this into a dollar amount and decide which of your appliances you would benefit most from replacing. This program is sponsored by City Light and the Seattle Public Library.

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