City Approves Detached Accessory Dwelling Units in SE Seattle

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On August 15, Mayor Greg Nickels signed Ordinance 122190 that allows detached accessory dwelling units (sometimes called Mother-in-law units, which really refers to attached units) in single family zones in Southeast Seattle. This area is bounded by I-90 on the north and I-5 on the west, and Lake Washington on the east. Here’s a quick rundown on the specifics:

  • Your lot must be 4,000 sf or more to be eligible
  • Lot coverage and rear yard coverage are the same as your current single family zoning restrictions
  • One off-street parking space is required
  • You (the owner) must live in either your main structure or the detached unit
  • The DADU is limited in height and size.

Client Assistance Memo 116B covers these new requirements.

If you want to consider turning your garage into an apartment, or adding a structure to your yard, I can help you understand the requirements and see what is possible on your lot! This is a great way to earn extra income to help offsite the expensive mortgage payments that come with buying a house in Seattle these days.
Official notice can be found at this link: .

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